My little man just lives life to the fullest.  He is unafraid, smart, goofy and has the best belly laugh around.  He loves to swim, run and play on playgrounds.  He takes things in stride and moves on quickly (most of the time!).  There are times that he melts down for no apparent reason – only known to him.  But he can move on quicker and without a grudge better than anyone I know.

He was born with Down Syndrome and has a dual diagnosis of Autism (which may actually be his severe sleep apnea causing his behavior, but that is yet to be determined).

Although he is 9, he is small for his age and still loves the kiddy stuff such as Dora and Sesame Street, but also loves watching the animated Mr. Bean episodes.  He is my forever child that will never by cynical or mean.  No way with his big heart and love of life.  As I go through my adult life I want to be more like him, but it is not easy nor does it come naturally. This is something worth attaining and I will continue to pursue it every day.  Always remember the joy in life and to run with it as much as possible!


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