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On Writing

ImageIn August I finished a month-long online course called Writing in the Digital Age taught by Tammy Strobel of  This course has opened up my writing, and I am forever grateful.

Originally, I wanted to take this course because I always felt too timid about putting myself and my thoughts out there for everyone to see… but still wanted to do a blog.  How weird is that, right?  Tammy’s course got me through that, helped me to find my voice, as well give me inspiration to continue writing.  Her words of encouragement, personal insight and strategies have woken up my inner writer.

I have started journaling; but not every day.  When I write my thoughts and feelings in the journal, I find that I not only feel better, but am able to work through problems faster and with more clarity.  Writing seems to have helped me gather and order my thoughts, and to enable me to move on and not dwell.  These entries do not make it into my public writing, but has broken the floodgate on things I want to write about and share with others.  It is AMAZING.

For all you introverts out there who want to blog and find your writing voice, please check out Tammy’s class.  She is wonderful!  Thanks Tammy!