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I am trying to transform my life into a more simple life.  Not an easy task, but one worth the work.  Inspiration comes by the blogs of The Minimalists, Be More with Less, RowdyKittens and Zen Habits – to name just a few.  They have helped me to open up my eyes to another world; a world with less clutter, stress and the ability to find myself.  This is no easy process; nor one that will ever really end.  I find that I work at this in bursts… not constantly, but gradually.

All the excess baggage I have around me and the house need to go in order to find myself and purpose, or to at least a more simpler life.  I am bogged down by physical stuff and by the things I want to do.  Being a crafter, I have a long list of things I love to do – knit, sew, make jewelry, read, paint etc.  I see something I like and say to myself that I can do that, or make one of those, and then go and start working on them.  Sometimes I finish them and when I do, I think that I can make them and sell them, but then life gets in my way.  My sons are home and there is chaos…the house is a mess, the dishes need to be done, laundry, etc.  You get the idea.

Recently there was a post on Be More With Less, Declutter Your World in 10 Days.  I am going to do this challenge in my own way, of course. I like some of the things listed in this article, and adding some of my own.  I am going to:

Shape Up

  • Food.  Keeping things simple by identifying one meal for breakfast and 2-4 meals for lunch and dinner.  This is brilliant.
  • Move.  Taking the dog out for longer walks and to do more stretching before and after the walk.

 Pare Down

  • Hobbies.  Get rid of all the stuff I don’t work on anymore – sell or give away the stuff.  This will make room for me to be able to concentrate and work on what I know I can do.

Tune In

  •  Heart.  Fill my heart with gratitude and connection – I will write a letter to someone I care for everyday for 10 days.

Next weekend I am going away for a weekend with the girls, but I will do my best to keep up with these.  I will keep you posted on the results – I am very excited!